News & Events

Survey Week 6: Fell of Barhullion Fort, Cruggleton Castle, cup and ring marked rocks and lots more!

Meet at The Whithorn Story Visitor Centre, Monday 12th March, 9am

In the final week of survey, we will be tackling some great new sites as well as making sure we cover any sites that we didn’t get time to record properly earlier in the project. We’ll meet at the Whithorn Story Visitor Centre each morning at 9am. Looking forward to one more week of fun!

Talk: Understanding Neolithic Archaeology in SW Scotland

The Whithorn Story Visitor Centre, Thursday 16th February, 7pm

John Barber will discuss the Neolithic archaeology of SW Scotland in context, and look at how we can interpret the monuments built by the first farming communities in the Machars. All MAP project events are free and open to all!


Survey Week 5: Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments

Meet at The Whithorn Story Visitor Centre, Monday 13th February, 9am

In Survey Week 5 we’ll be looking at some of the Machars best preserved prehistoric monuments- chambered cairns and hut circle landscapes dating from the Bronze Age.


Workshop: Online Reources for Heritage Research

The Whithorn Story Visitor Centre, Thursday 19th January, 7pm

We will be holding a workshop to introduce the online resources available for carrying out research into the heritage in your area. Come along to find out how you can start your own archaeological and historical research project, or just find out more about the archaeology in an area that interests you! As always- free and open to all!


Survey Week 4: Historic Building Survey

Meet at The Whithorn Story Visitor Centre, Monday 16th January, 9.30 am

In week four of the survey, we will be looking at recording historic buildings. Come along to find out how archaeologists record standing buildings, looking at some of the churches and farming settlements of the Machars.


Talk: Perspectives on the Iron Age in SW Scotland

The Whithorn Story Visitor Centre, Monday 12th December, 7pm

Dr Graeme Cavers will discuss aspects of the Iron Age in Wigtownshire, considering the results of recent surveys and excavations and discussing the sites surveyed by the MAP project. Free and open to all!


Survey Week 3: Torhousekie, Crouse and Boreland

Meet at The Whithorn Story Visitor Centre, Monday 12th December, 9.30 am

This weeks survey work will be in the area around Torhousekie stone circle, looking at the Neolithic ritual monuments, burial cairns and later monuments in the surrounding area. Come and get involved!



Talk: A Decade of Medieval Ceramics Research

The Whithorn Story Visitor Centre, Saturday 29th October, 7pm

Pottery expert George Haggarty will present a talk on his work. Free and open to all!


The Whithorn Big Dig

Friday 28th – Monday 31st October

Volunteers will be digging test pits all over town! By excavating 1m x 1m trenches at various locations aroud Whithorn, we aim to plot historical activity in the town. All welcome; full training and all equipment will be provided, and it’s all FREE! Meet at 9.30am at the visitor centre Friday-Sunday to take part.

Pupils from Whithorn Primary School will be participating on Monday 31st October.


Survey in the Machars (1)

Tuesday 18th – Saturday 22nd October

There are literally hundreds of unexcavated archaeological sites in the Machars.  We aim to survey and record a number of these in the exciting landscape around Whithorn over five days.  Join our team of archaeologists and learn how to recognise, interpret and record archaeological sites, and contribute to a high quality record of our region’s heritage. (For more information or to register to attend on any of the days please contact the office).


Talk: Archaeological Survey (free)

Monday 17th October at 7pm in the Whithorn Trust Visitor Centre

AOC’s  Dr Graeme Cavers will give a talk on the identification, interpretation and recording of archaeological sites, and will outline the areas to be surveyed during the Machars Archaeological Project.

Doors Open Days event – survey training in the town

24th & 25th September

The first survey training event will take place in Whithorn and will be open to volunteers and the public.

Why is Castlehill so named? Can we learn to record the rubble at the Nave of Whithorn Priory where the tower used to stand? Help us to answer these questions. Watch out for more details or telephone/email Janet for more information (01988 500508 You can use the form on the site to register as a volunteer. If you just want to watch then go to the Visitor Centre and you will be directed to the activities.

Project Launch

14th September, 2.00 – 7.30pm at Whithorn Story Visitor Centre

The first event of the MAP project will take place on the 14th September 2011. Come along to the Whithorn Visitor Centre to find out more about the archaeology project, see some of the archaeological techniques in action and sign up to get involved!

Activities will include:

  • Artefact handling sessions
  • Activities for young archaeologists
  • Kids’ colouring sheets
  • Archaeological survey demonstrations
  • Viking costume

Refreshments in the tearoom, and a barbecue from 5.30 pm.

Come along to find out more about archaeology in the Machars and how you can get involved!