Fell of Barhullion: Fort and Cup and Ring Marked Rocks

We spent much of the final week of survey around the Fell of Barhullion, an area liberally sprinkled with archaeology, particularly cup and ring marked rocks. We conducted a detailed survey of the fort on the summit of the fell using the GPS and total station; details of the site can be found here.

There are numerous cup and ring marked rocks in the area, some of which are marked on the OS 1:25000 map. One particularly fine example, to the north of the fell, featured a cup mark measuring about 4cm in diameter surrounded by five concentric ring; three wavy parallel lines ran for about 40cm to the SE of the cup and rings. These carvings are so easily missed as they rarely stand out clearly, so it was a good exercise in opening our eyes and looking at our sruroundings – even when the mist came in so we could barely see in front of our noses!

Cup and ring marked rock

As the weather deteriorated on Friday afternoon, we headed back to Kirkmaiden to finish off the survey begun there in January. It was a wet and miserable afternoon but we recorded the final gravestones and architectural detail on the church.

Massive thanks go out to all of the volunteers who have braved all weathers to come out with us throughout the Machars Archaeology Project. We have surveyed a great many sites from a wide range of time periods, and we have enjoyed watching the volunteers grow in understanding and confidence throughout the course of the six week-long surveys. We hope that those who have taken part will continue to go out into the landscape with their eyes open, as there really is archaeology all around us.

Keep in touch with Janet and the Whithorn Trust for details of further events as part of the project!

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