Laggan Camp and Carleton Fell Homestead

Today the team made the epic journey to Laggan Camp. We didn’t have a boat handy, so it was a rather long walk from Rouchan towards the sea, made all the longer by the heavy survey equipment we took with us. The fort is on a steep-sided hillock with small lochs to both east and west. It is defended by double ramparts with a medial ditch. Gemma, Janet, Kirsty, Chris and George used the total station and GPS to record the site.

The team heads home.

Charlotte, Mike and Helen peeled off to record a homestead on the other side of Carleton Fell, north of Laggan Camp. Sitting at the end of a low rocky ridge, turf-covered stony banks outline the enclosure with a probable entrance on the east side.

The enclosure at Carleton Fell, viewed from the north-east.

Well done to everyone who came out with us this week. We walked many miles between us, trudging through mud, climbing dykes, and clambering over hilltops in some pretty nasty weather. It was a hard week but we achieved an incredible amount, so thank you all very much for your efforts. See you in December for more of the same!

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