Glasserton Mains Dovecot and Cup and Ring Marked Rock

Today Peter, Ellen and Rosie went with Charlotte to record the 18th century dovecot at Glasserton Mains. The tall square tower has a vaulted basement beneath, and the brick-built interior has hundreds of slate-shelved nesting boxes. The team then trooped off to find a cup-marked rock recorded in 2006. This rock did not make itself apparent. Bah humbug.

After deciding that we definitely could not see a cup-mark ANYWHERE, we headed off to Carleton Fell, where we easily found Machermore’s Millstone. Marked on the OS map, there is an unfinished millstone 1m in diameter visible in a rocky outcrop. According to local tradition, “the millstone was carved in the late 19th century by workmen rebuilding Carleton Farm” ( From here, it was a short walk towards the sea to the site of a prehistoric homestead. With the walk back to the vehicle, we must have walked about 5 miles. What a long day!

To add insult to our previous no-cup-mark injury, Gemma, Helen, Mike and Janet came home with a lovely scale drawing of a cup and ring marked rock from Glasserton. Gemma taught the team a method of offset drawing, and a grand job they did of it too.

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