Port Castle, Glasserton Church and Glasserton Hill

On the first day of this month’s survey, half the group headed to Port Castle and the others to Glasserton Hill.

Port Castle is a walled enclosure set high on a rocky promontory near St Ninian’s Cave. The enclosure is very overgrown with thorn, brambles, ivy and bracken, making survey a little tricky! Kirsty, Chris and Peter persevered, however, writing a site proforma, drawing a sketch plan and photographing the site.

We then walked to Glasserton Church, where there is a roofless burial aisle to the east of the church, with an inscription dating to the 16th century. We managed to record a number of features along the churchyard walls before it got dark.

Mike, Helen and Janet went with Gemma to record the earthworks at Glasserton Hill. A new phrase was coined: “doing a Janet” can be used when describing someone walking through deep mud, losing their boot and having to rootle around for it in the mire. On their way over they discovered and recorded a building with an associated granite-lined tank.

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