Whithorn Big Dig: Day Three

On the last day of The Big Dig we continued to make good progress. We excavated a number of test pits in a field to the west of the main street. Rocky the horse and his miniature Shetland friend looked on, bemused.

Just a few centimetres beneath the surface, Rosie found a complete blacking bottle probably dating to late Victorian times. It didn’t have so much as a chip on it! A fine find indeed. In the area of the old slaughter house, George discovered some very large sherds of a Victorian Staffordshire tureen, with blue and white transfer-printed floral decoration.

Rosie with the late Victorian period blacking bottle.

Pottery expert George Haggarty’s favourite find of the day was some small sherds of Pearl- and Pratt-decorated banded ware dating to c. 1810. The bright colours and clear pattern had led us mere diggers to suspect that it was probably very modern but we are assured that it is not.

Sherds of banded ware dating to c. 1810

George will have a closer look at all of the pottery found during The Big Dig; we’ll make his report available to you as soon as we can!

Thanks very much to everyone who took part, lending us their muscles and their good humour through a couple of rainy days. Many thanks also to everyone who let us dig in their gardens and fields.

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