Whithorn Big Dig: Day Two

The weather was less kind to us today, but our volunteers ploughed on regardless! We excavated test pits in a few back gardens along George Stand in a field on the north-western edge of the town. Again, everyone found lots of pieces of pottery and glass, but there were a few highlights: Scottish white gritty ware from the second half of the 12th century; some reduced sandy ware from the 14th century; post-medieval reduced wares from the 16/17th century; imported German Frechen stoneware from c. 1680; and lots of 18thcentury wares including white salt glazed stoneware, pearlware and Pratt ware.

Local volunteer Ellen with 12th century pot sherds.

We have found lots of clay pipes over the last two days. These seem to have been made predominantly in Glasgow at Murray’s, MacDougall’s and White’s factories, and in Leith at Christie’s. Clay pipes were commonly used from the 17th century onwards, but most of those found this weekend date to the 18th and 19th centuries.

Many thanks to everyone for digging through the rain and blustery wind of today – miserable weather could not dampen our diggers’ spirits!



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