Survey of Inner Wood and Doon Hills

Half of the group spent Thursday and Friday finishing off the geophysical survey at Inner Wood Hill. We were using resistivity: sending an electric current between two probes to detect sub-surface features. The results of two days hard slog revealed some possible features that would support the crop mark evidence for an enclosure. We took readings in every metre square over twenty 20m grids; that’s 8000 readings, and 8km of walking! Go team geophysics!

Mike and Gary at Inner Wood Hill

A team of intrepid explorers spent much of Thursday wandering around the Dowalton Loch area identifying known sites, including two crannogs and an enclosure. They were so absorbed in their task that they forgot to return to the fold at lunchtime, sparking panic and dread in the rest of us. Luckily we spied them on a hilltop from afar, which assuaged our fears.

We also completed a comprehensive survey of the earthworks at Doon Hill, although they are covered with dense gorse. We have surveyed and interpreted the site, and, using both the GPS and total station, we’ve created an accurate record of the earthworks as they exist today.

It’s been busy week, and a tiring one I’m sure! Well done to everyone who took part. Our volunteers’ enthusiasm was boundless, which bodes well for the rest of the project!

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