Survey Training Weekend, 24-25th September

We had two very successful days of survey training over the weekend. Eleven keen volunteers learned how to use the total station and GPS, how to conduct a resistivity survey and how to draw plans using plane table survey techniques; lots more people came along to watch. We conducted a geophysical survey at Castle Hill to try to find out if any features exist beneath the ground surface, and also recorded existing features and contours using the GPS. We recorded extant features at The Priory using the total station and plane table survey.

Resistivity Survey, Castle Hill

AOC’s Graeme and Charlotte taught volunteers how to conduct a resistivity survey on Castle Hill, historically believed to have been the site of a castle. On Saturday we surveyed the top of the ridge; initial results suggested that there may be sub-surface features at the northern end of the ridge. On Sunday we conducted a higher resolution survey of this area, taking readings every 50cm instead of every 1m. This resulted in a clearer image of the sub-surface features. We also surveyed the flat area to the south of the ridge.

Volunteers conduct a resistivity survey at Castle Hill.

Plane Table & Total Station Survey, The Priory

AOC’s Gemma taught volunteers how to conduct a plane table survey to map the visible features in The Priory. They also surveyed the area using the total station, an electronic device used to create 3D maps of sites and features.

The results of the volunteers' plane table survey. Not bad!

AOC's Gemma teaches volunteers how to use the total station.


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