Weekend survey training – 24th/25th September

The weekend of 24th/25th September will see the session of survey training. This will be on the job training looking at Castlehill in Whithorn and the Priory ruins.

If everyone can meet at the Whithorn Trust Visitor Centre at 10am on Saturday (and if you just want to come on Sunday same time and place). We will hope to be surveying until 5pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday when everyone will be welcome for tea/cakes and a debrief back at the Visitor Centre.

Since the survey aspect of the project will take us out in the field we will have to impose a minimum age for participants. Whilst those over 12 will be welcome, they will have to be accompanied by a responsible adult. The Big Dig activity to follow at the end of October will be open to children along with their parents/family and also the school.

Please feel free to come back to the Visitor Centre at any time over the weekend to use the facilities – I will print off some project membership cards so that the staff will know you are one of the volunteers. If you bring a packed lunch please, again, feel free to use the facilities at the Centre. The Discovery Centre (at the back and up the outside steps) is an ideal spot with additional heating if you are particularly cold and need a warm up!

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